About Us


The company Todor Sevov Veranstaltungstechnik was founded in 1989 as a provider of event services. In 2004 it adopted a different legal form and a new name: ToschTec media GmbH. Over the last twenty years we have operated everywhere technical support is needed for imaging, lighting, and sound at all kinds of events.


Over the years we have catered to the needs of many satisfied customers, and even more have benefited not least of all from new and more modern forms of presentation. In this time we have experienced all the intricacies of media technology and can now access in-depth knowhow for our work.


Nevertheless we can still say of ourselves that we are a modern and young company, especially in the media technology sector whose growth rate is virtually unmatched by any other. For this reason it is an absolute must that we are well informed and up to date at all times.

In our corporate philosophy we see ourselves as a service provider in the actual sense of the term. We want to be of service to you by providing our technical knowhow and equipment to make your event an outstanding occasion. We cannot fulfil this claim by simply leasing technical equipment – although this does form part of everyday business especially when customers know exactly what they want or order the same equipment time after time.


In principle our services start at a much earlier stage, when we provide individual advice for a project, a presentation, or an idea. Together with our customer we take the time to discuss all of the details, table proposals, and weigh up the pros and cons. Particularly in more recent times the cost factor has become a key criterion, and we make sure that it remains one. Small budgets can also give rise to attractive solutions!

It is important to us to foster close contacts with the customer and with the commissioned companies all of the way, from the planning to the successful implementation stages of your event. On the strength of this collaboration between colleagues we can respond more flexibly to short-term changes and unforeseeable incidents – ultimately the key to our success.


A long list of successful events and the satisfaction of our customers speak for themselves and are our motivation for continuing to operate on such a high level in future as well.


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